Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Living on a Dime...and Pennies...Nickels...Quarters

      Saving money whilst studying abroad is quite a major feat...ask anyone who has.  Couple that with the exchange rate for the country and their economy, and you may either be sitting pretty or watching everything you spend.  Right now in Europe for the countries that use euros the exchange rate is 1 Euro for $1.35 or just about that.  Honestly, that is not so great for us at least.  For me, that means that I have to be conscious of my spending and make sure that I don't overdo it at times.  But Kayley ( you maybe thinking), how do you possibly budget your money when you are in such a fabulous place as Madrid???? Well reader, thanks for asking!  Let's see.....

  • buying groceries instead of eating out all the time.  With Syracuse my host ma is responsible for our breakfasts and dinners, so I buy cold cuts and fruits at the local grocery store to make for lunches. 
  • doing research to find free museums or days in which certain museums are free.  Some museums have free permanent exhibits or a day of the week when there is free entry
  • just say no.....to buying tons of clothes or eating out.  Sometimes it's difficult when all your friends are gonna go shopping or do something, but it's easier to say no before the activity then during!
  • Be conscious of every time you go to the ATM or use your credit card, fees add up and if you think about that when you use your card you may think twice!
  • participate in free school events, at Syracuse you have to give a deposit for certain trips or tours but then if you show up that day you get your money back!
  • Get a job! I'll be "tutoring" a two year old little girl starting next week and making some money! Woo!! See if your program has a tutoring program that you can participate in!
Well, for now that's all I got, it is difficult living on a budget while abroad, but it can be done!

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