Saturday, February 9, 2013

To Pack or not to Pack

     Well readers, for those of you who will study abroad this may turn out to be quite helpful.  There are 3 kinds of packing: over-packing, under-packing, and packing the perfect amount.    
     Over-packing is something you should definitely NOT do...remember you are the one who'll have to drag those suitcases around at the beginning and end of the trip.  Plus, all the programs say "pack and then take half out, that's how much you should bring" or something like that.  Let's see, I took the "take half out" concept and went to the extreme.  I have clothes (obviously) but I seriously skimped on certain things.  Nothing that I brought is suitable for say going out with friends at night, I don't have anything good for when it gets warmer, I also only brought three pairs of shoes and no sneakers.  I don't know what I was thinking, but I joined a gym and then had to go out and buy sneakers, so naturally I got the cheapest ones I could find and they are hideous.  These two extremes are not the ways to go, luckily there still exists the post office and my mom has graciously decided to send me some things to help supplement my sad wardrobe. 
Packing the perfect amount:
      WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? Well friends, that means you bring enough clothing that you can rotate and still like what you have brought in a month and make enough combinations of clothing that it will seem like you have oodles of clothing.  It also means that you are prepared for different situations that call for different types of dress: some fancy, some dressy but still casual, clothes for going out in, hanging around clothes, and regular headed to class clothes.  It is a difficult balance to avoid over-packing and under-packing.  But it can be done! I just haven't mastered it yet. 

      Also, something to remember, in some places it is more common to hang clothing outside for drying.  This is fantastic for the environment and one saves money because there is no electricity used for drying.  However, if you need something tomorrow and it is being washed today, you are tough out of luck.  I have waited for clothes to dry for 3 days, it is a SLOW process.  So, moral of the story is to bring enough underwear and socks to last for a month because you never know. 

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