Saturday, February 23, 2013

Real Academia

      One hears quite often that academics abroad are easy and one doesn't need to put the work in.  That may be true in some programs, but it certainly doesn't seem to be that way for me.  I am taking 5 classes this semester:

      3 in Spanish
Modern Spanish Art
The History of Women in Spain
Business Spanish
       2 in English
Hemingway in Spain
Ancient Judaism and the Origins of Christianity

      Mondays and Wednesdays I am in class from 2:00 until 7 with Art from 2-3:40, Business from 4-5:25, and then Women from 5:30-7.  It's a long day, but nice when it starts late and I can go to the gym and finish up homework in the mornings.  Tuesdays and Thursdays I start at 10:30 with Religion and then have Hemingway at 12-1:30.  These days I love to take time to plan out different museums to visit and eat my lunch at a park or other tranquil place. 
      So far I pretty much love all of my classes.  Art is fantastic, especially that we take the time to visit museums (so far we've been the The Prado twice to see Goya's works) and I love my professor, as he was on our seminar tour the first week.  Women in Spain is another great, great class.  The professor is very nice and the subject is very interesting.  Hemingway, whom I had never read before, is extremely interesting and I've enjoyed his writings so far.  Religion is very nice as well, but so far everything we've learned is a review from classes I've taken at Saint Mike's!  But, I really love the subject, so it's fine with me!  Then there's Business Spanish, let's just say this class is a little slice of misery for me....I don't like business, reading about it or learning about it.  Not quite my cup of tea. 
      Besides academics, my school is in a great location and the bus stops and metro stops are very near.  The library in the building is fantastic and there is a nice DVD selection that I take advantage of on the weekends and so many beautiful books and magazines.  Also the computer lab is a great resource. 
     Well, that's all for now folks, next week I have 3 back to studying I guess!


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