Saturday, January 21, 2012

Eddie's Lounge

     Hi All! Eddie's Lounge (located in upstairs Alliot) is a cool room.  It has a big tv, a pool table and air hockey table, tables and chairs, and a nice couch.  Clubs have meetings in there and it's a great place to hang out or do homework.  I have even had a couple of knitting club meetings in there.  But how does one book the room?  It's quite simple actually, you have to be timely, though, and make sure you go around it in the correct manner. 

  1. think about the time and date you would like for your event
  2. check the calendar for availability
  3. you can click on the events to see where they are booked
  4. if your time is available, then you can email with
           A. your event
           B. date
           C. time
           D. contact information

     It's that simple and worth it!  So the next time you need to have a meeting or gathering, you should try and book Eddie's!  Have a great weekend.  Please tweet me, formspring me, or contact me with questions and concerns you have about college life.

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