Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Recap and the Flynn

     Well my friends, I feel horrible- I have not blogged in a while.  Well, that is all going to change because I am blogging now!  Let's backtrack, I had a wonderful Christmas with my family and an equally nice New Year's Eve with family.  My favorite holidays, however, are Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Easter.  Mostly, I love the non-gift giving days when I get to spend time with my cousins, aunts, and uncles and play Skip-Bo (a card game).   I have been working at my job a couple times a week, for it is less busy in the winter and I have made an effort to walk my two dogs every day.  It's difficult to walk them at the same time, so I have to take two separate walks.  Well, besides my break, I would like to talk about the new Flynn Cultural Pass
     This year the eligibility and rules for the Cultural Pass are different.  Formerly, you would buy a pass for $30 and could see as many shows as you wanted for free.  Now instead of a pass, you must order your own tickets from the Flynn and pay only $10 for them!  If you go to the theater you can try to get seats next to your friends.  I think that this system is just as good as the former system and it is still an excellent deal for students! Don't forget when you're ordering, though, to tell the ticket agent that you are a Saint Michael's student!!! 
     The week before finals, Sunday December 11, my friends Taylor, Allyson, and I went to see A Christmas Carol.  It was a wonderful show full of singing, dancing, and Christmas cheer.  Here are some pictures of Burlington at night during the Christmas season

Here is a picture of the beautiful Flynn Theater!

     Well, I hope you have a wonderful break full of family and fun.  If you have any questions please tweet me, formspring me, or use my contact page at the top to ask me multiple questions.


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