Monday, January 30, 2012

Your Adviser

     Simply stated, advisers are professors appointed to you to help you sort out your college career.  My advisor is professor Busic, a Spanish professor, and I think he is has been an amazing help to me. 
     At first, meeting with an adviser can be intimidating, I admit I was nervous at first, but you have to realize that they are there to help you! Come with questions and don't be afraid to ask them about things in the system you don't understand.  They don't always know the answer, but are always more than willing to ask around for answers.  However, don't forget that your adviser is also professor, and a very busy person.  They may forget, so it's sometimes helpful to shoot them an email (within a respectable amount of time). 
     Also, a key to college success is to map out your courses and when you can take them (see post-it note plan blog).  Your adviser has a wealth of information about when courses are generally offered and if you'll be able to take them when you want to.  My adviser helped to fix my plan to account for classes that are only offered in the fall and some that are only offered in spring.  As a general rule, though, go to your meeting with your plan already done- it is not their job to put everything on the "map," you should plan it out first and then they can correct it.  
     It is simple to find out when you can meet your adviser, you can always look on the website (go here, find your major, and then click on faculty), you can send them an email asking them for office hours, or you could even stop by their office and see if they have their office hours posted on their door.   
     Well, if you have any questions tweet me, contact me, or formspring me!

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