Friday, January 27, 2012

Oh I Believe in Yesterday

     Yesterday was an incredibly busy day for me.  I had a study group, French club, Paper making at the Center for Women and Gender, and a Graduate School Workshop.  By the time my day was over, it was 9:00 and I was ready to collapse in bed! 
     The Graduate School Workshop was an excellent preparation to explore my options for life after Saint Michael's.  It was held at 4:30 in Klein and a career counselor gave us a brief over view of everything "Grad."  We covered standardized testing, handling the application, time issues, scholarships, courses to earn the degree, faculty advisers, studying abroad, transcripts, and essays.  A lot to fit into an hour, but it was a great start for me and I learned a ton.  The Career Counseling department is an absolutely wonderful resource and it is so easy to make an appointment and get started.  (here is a previous blog post about a Graduate School fair I attended)
     After the Graduate School program, there was paper making in the Center for Women and Gender.  It was a great opportunity to learn about paper making and take part in some of it!  I was so excited to go make paper that I set out around 6:15 and got to watch a great demonstration (by an SMC alumnus) and then create some designs of my own!  The paper is actually made of "pulverized" cloth that is ground into a very fine silt.  Here are some pictures I took-

This was the instrument used to sift through the fine fibers and water

On the left you can see what will be the paper (the purple stuff on the wood frame)

Here he has just transferred the paper to lay on a cloth so it can dry

In this picture he is putting a design on the paper with colored sprays

Here is my own creation! It says "Celebrate Differences"

     I am so happy I was able to take part in these two wonderful opportunities- a Graduate School workshop and paper making at the Center for Women and Gender.  I can't wait until tonight when I have the Snowflake Semi-formal with VITA.  Please tweet me, formspring me, or contact me with any questions you have about SMC. 

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