Sunday, March 4, 2012

Knightslist Classifieds

     The Knightslist Classifieds- simply stated, it's similar to craigs list in the way that you can offer to sell things, buy things, give rides, or look for housing offers.  This list is exclusively available to only SMC students and it is really a great resource.  You can sell things on it, for example skis, a tv, or some other electronic.  You can put on that you are willing to buy something.  If you are going to be driving home, you can offer a ride to anyone in that region.  Also, now is the housing crunch for next year.  This is the time to try and decide who you want to live with for next year.  Whether you try and get into a suite or just a double, you will need to find a roommate/ roommates.  You can post on Knights list if you need one more person to live with and you can say for example, quiet living space and need a roomie who doesn't play loud music. 
     You should definitely check the Knightlist out, just to see what it's about! 


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