Thursday, March 1, 2012

Self-Defense Classes

      For the past 4 weeks I have taken a self-defense class every Tuesday afternoon from 11:30-12:30.  It worked out perfectly with my schedule because my only class ended right at 11:20, I had time to get changed quick and go to class, and then when it ended I had time to re-change and then meet Alex for 1:00 lunch.  This class was offered through the Center for Women and Gender and I think that it was extremely beneficial and a great learning experience. 
     Going into class, I had no self-defense or even martial arts training.  But...I know that it is always helpful to be able to defend one's self in a life threatening situation.  Let me make one point- Saint Michael's is a very safe campus.  There are these "blue light" poles throughout campus where you can push a red button and public safety will come to help you.  However, there is no big iron gate closing out the rest of the world from entering campus and there is the possibility that a person who is up to no good could come on campus.  The likely hood of that happening, very slim, but in all actuality there is a minute chance that it could happen.  That is the chance that I am prepared for and that was the point of taking the class.  I will not always be in the safe bubble of SMC after I graduate and I have definitely learned some great life skills. 
     I will not bore you with the moves, kicks, punches, and other techniques I learned, but I will say that if you ever get the chance to take this class, here or anywhere else, you should definitely take it up! 


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