Friday, March 30, 2012

Technology Fast

      Most of my friends and family know that I am not a big technology person.  I am not a big facebook person, I don't rely on the internet, I don't tweet like I depend on it, I don't have a smart phone, and my cell phone is not a third hand for me.  So, it may be a surprise when I say that from Tuesday morning to Friday morning I participated in a voluntary technology fast.  I didn't sign a contract or turn my cell phone in to anyone, I did it by my own will and according to my own rules. 

My rules: 

  1. I left my phone off during the day, but I called home once at night
  2. The only reason I went on the computer and internet were to check my emails for school/ study abroad reasons
  3. no t.v.
  4. no music (this was the HARDEST part for me)
  5. only use technology for educational purposes
     This was basically it, I did not use my phone once (minus the nightly phone call home), I didn't watch any t.v. and tried not to peek at anyone else's technological devises, and I didn't listen to any music....until Thursday night because I couldn't take it any more. 

     What I learned-

     Without having anything to do on the computer or internet, I had a ton more free time to get my homework done early and read my book The Heart is a Lonely Hunter.  I even took some naps during my free time!  I also learned that you can live without a cell phone/ internet websites!  I did it and it's not hard, I hate being in constant contact with everyone I know and it's nice to just "disappear" from the tech world every once in a while. 

     After the experience-

     It's hard not to go back to using technology.  We as Americans (and basically all first world citizens) rely heavily on technology, so naturally I used my phone today and went online.  However, I check my phone less, I have not spent much time online, and I haven't watched much t.v.  This short time spent away from technology has changed me slightly for the better I think!

     So, next time you feel bogged down with technology, try to fast from it for a couple days and you will see a change within yourself!


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