Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Curable Colds

     As we all know, cold season is around the corner and has already hit many of us.  It's tough to have a cold and try to stay healthy, but I think I have some helpful tips!

  • wash your hands! Just washing the away the germs is so helpful, so be diligent!
  • crack the window! Opening your windows even just a crack, will allow fresh, germ-less air in your room
  • take your vitamins! I take a vitamin C tablet every morning just to give me extra defense
  • get sleep! It's important to get enough sleep every night because when you are tired you are more susceptible to getting sick
  • hydrate! drink water, it has no sugars in it and will get rid of those pesky germs
  • don't share! DO NOT share drinks or food, etc, because this just transfers some one's germs to you!
  • Green tea! It's really great to battle cold season if you like the taste of it, of course
  • Don't Touch! Don't touch your face. You can introduce germs into your body that way!
  • eat your veggies and fruits! With so many natural vitamins and minerals they are immune boosters
  • here are some fruits and veggies with high levels of Vitamin C that are in Alliot everyday!!!!
  1. tomatoes
  2. red peppers
  3. apples
  4. oranges
  5. lettuce
  6. onions
  7. green peppers
  8. broccoli
  9. peas
  10. grapefruits
Of course, I'm not a doctor or medically trained person, and these tips are not foolproof.  But sometimes it's just a good reminder to have these simple tips repeated again.  I try to do all of these things and I still get colds! So, for me at least, they remind me to make a conscious effort to stay healthier during the cold season.  As always, feel free to send me a question on formspring, or tweet at me!


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