Sunday, September 18, 2011

Join Hands, Vermont! An SMC Hurricane Irene Benefit Event!

     Today at 2:00 in the McCarthy Arts Center, there was a Benefit for the victims of Hurricane Irene!  Different talents, such as singing, dancing, and performing, were showcased to bring the Saint Michael's community together in order to help out those in need.  I really loved the show and am thankful to have been a part of this amazing experience! 

Here is a list of some of the performances and some videos!
  1. Bread & Puppet show by Peter Schumann
  2. Saint Michael's College Chorale singing "I Believe" and "This Little Light of Mine"

  1. Maple Jam singing "Night and Day," "Milonga del Angel," and "Orange Colored Sky"
  2. Counterpoint 5tet singing "The Water is Wide," "Turn the World Around," and "These Green Mountains" featuring our own Nathaniel Lew 
  3. Picture This performing "A Portrait of Tonia" and "Tell is like it is" featuring our own Jerome Monochino
  4. Buff Landau performing a hand written poem
  5. Joshua Lanney, an SMC senior, performing a self composed piece on piano called "Escape Again"
  6. Annette Urbschat dancing and Annemieke Spoelstra playing piano
  7. Celtic Knights performing "8 Hand Reel" and "The Walls of Limerick"

  1. Saint Andrew's Highland Dancers
  2. Tap Club performing "Rhythm Knights A Cappella" and "Yeah 3X"


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