Friday, September 23, 2011

International Day of Saudi Arabia

     Happy Friday everyone! Today is the Independence Day of Saudi Arabia and to celebrate, some Saudi Arabian students here at Saint Mike's put on a cultural event.  It showcased some traditional dancing and music playing, student speeches, and a very cool PowerPoint presentation.  Some students first gave their insights into first coming to America and the apprehension they felt about the differences of cultures.  They soon came to realize that here at Saint Michael's everyone is respected regardless of culture or religious affiliation. 
     After the student presentations, we were shown a PowerPoint presentation giving us general facts about Saudi Arabia.  Before the presentation I really did not know too much about Saudi Arabia, but now I can really appreciate the country even more! The video showed us images of the different architectural buildings there, the cities, and pictures of some children celebrating their Independence Day! My favorite part was seeing just how modern the cities appear to be! I was amazed!!!
     Following the presentation, we got to watch some students and members of the community show us how to do a traditional dance! I really enjoyed it, because although some of the guys seemed to be a little shy, they really got into it at the end!

     After this performance, another student played us a traditional song on a traditional Saudi Arabian "guitar." It was really great, and I even got a video of it, so you can listen to it too!

     I really enjoyed this cultural event and I cannot wait to go to the other ones in the future, and then in turn share them with you! Have a wonderful weekend and feel free to send me any questions you may have about life at Saint Michael's College, or college life in general.


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