Thursday, September 8, 2011


     Hello everyone! As you know the Highlighter Dance is this Saturday and I am totally excited.  Last year I had no idea what the Highlighter dance was about! What does a dance have to do with Highlighters? What makes it different? What do I do?!?  I was so confused and NO ONE could answer my questions.
     Tonight I am not going to spoil any details about the dance but I am going to give you some helpful clues to set you on the right track!

  1. Obtain a white t-shirt.  I recommend that you use an old t-shirt or one that you do not mind getting messed up
  2. Take your shirt and go to the Highlighter Dance t-shirt Decorating in Lyons third floor lounge on Friday at 8:30
  3. Get dressed up! Get ready for the dance with your awesome shirt and head on down to the dance! Wear neons and bright colors and most importantly have fun!
  4. Don't forget to buy your ticket this week in Alliot.  It's $5 and you can pay in cash or with Knight Card if you buy it before the dance.  Tickets are also sold at the door but you have to pay in cash.
  5. Bring a canned good!!!! This year the dance is trying to help those affected by Hurricane Irene.  It's so important to try to bring food to help out those in need.  If you don't have one or time to head anywhere, you can go to the local Cumberland Farm's.  They have some canned goods you can purchase. 
It is going to be so much fun and I can't wait to see you there!

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