Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Locked OUT

     Ok it happens to everyone, but eventually you leave your keys in the room and shut the door.  I locked myself out for the first time last Sunday! It's upsetting when it happens, but it's alright and easily remedied. 

This is my door (in case you were wondering) and I took this picture when I locked myself out!

     The first thing you need to do is try and contact your room-mate if you have one. If he/she is not available then you have to find the RA on duty.  There should be a list on the door of your RA saying which RA is on duty at the time and they should be able to let you in.  If you can't reach any of them, or if it is a weekend then you need to call public safety.  You can call public safety with this number- 802.654.2000.  All you have to say is your name and that you locked yourself out of your room.  They will ask you which building and what room you live in.  Once the officer gets to your room they will let you in and check your id card to make sure it's really you! 
     Another place you can go is to the Student Life Office in Alliot.  Student Life is located across from the Knight stand and it is open during normal business hours during the week.  You also have to show them your knight card to id yourself. 
     I hope it never happens to you, but if you do lock yourself out, I hope you can use these simple tips to get you back in your room!  Feel free to ask me any questions about living at Saint Michael's or about college life in general!


***My friend Alex would like you all to know that she saved the day when I was locked out because she had to call public safety because my phone got locked in my room! Thanks girl you da best <3

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